Winter here, missing Sydney summer

The hard freezes have done some damage here at Dancing Red Ranch. The oleander hedge has turned crispy brown, and I’m unsure which of my new fall plantings in the Well House Garden will return with the spring. But that’s the adventure of gardening!

We’ve gotten an excellent head start on annual maintenance. This year, we pruned and weeded and redressed all the trees mostly before Christmas, and finished up yesterday.  That’s about four dozen trees, so it’s not a small job. And yesterday Ross pruned the live oaks, which have to be cut during the cold to prevent the dreaded oak wilt disease.

As a result, spring won’t be as insanely busy this year. I’m looking forward to that.

I do admit, I’m wistful for the garden in Sydney, in full summer now. So I went to find some pictures from our visit last month. Enjoy!

One morning as we gardened, my Christmas present arrived: a custom-made native red box bench for the garden. We’re going to build a new bed around it next visit.

First year for the frangipani to flower.

The Italianate fountain garden, with the beloved rescue hydrangea.

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