Where have all the hummingbirds gone?

When we arrived at the ranch on Friday, we were bereft that the hummingbirds appeared to have abandoned the feeder outside our bedroom window. And the level of yummy sugar-water was pretty much the same as when we left it last Sunday. Then we realized: why drink the synthetic stuff when you have the real thing not too far away? The hummingbirds — and the bees — are busy drinking at the salvia greggii “hot pink” saloon at the front of the house. An amazing burst of color just in the last week . . .

salvia greggii "hot pink" 2 | DancingRedRanch.com

salvia greggii "hot pink" 1 | DancingRedranch.com


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  1. Lorraine October 7, 2014 at 9:00 pm #

    ..loving the intense color along the sidewalk! Yard looks like an artist’s palette.

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