The perfect potting shed

Edna Walling |

From “Gardens in Australia: Their Design and Care” by Edna Walling

Back in Sydney for the southern winter (my perfect summer), I return once again to reading Gardens in Australia: Their Design and Care by pioneering landscape designer Edna Walling, to inspire new ideas for the garden that we’re renovating here. Walling’s “Potting Shed” chapter is brief but vivid, providing plenty of fuel¬† for my ongoing potting shed fantasy. Enjoy!

Here are some of the delights that await all those who plan to own a potting shed. First there will be a broad bench at least two feet wide. Under this will be various-sized flower pots lying on their sides in different compartments so that the one wanted is always on top. Above the bench there will be a narrow shelf for all the odds and ends required during the process of potting; this keeps the bench free of encumbrances. Somewhere else there will be another wide shelf where seeds in the lids of cardboard boxes may be put to dry. Under this will go bins for lime, fertilizers, peat-moss, finally broken-up cow manure and wooden trays for seedlings. On a narrow shelf there will be glass screw top jars for the seeds that have been cleaned, ready for sowing when the time comes. Pigeon holes for gardening gloves, paint, labels, catalogues, notebook and pencil and all the other oddments indispensable to the potter of plants will be there.


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