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Fergus Garrett | DancingRedRanch.com

Christo, Fergus and me

Central Texas has been rainy this month, so everything here is surprisingly, and rather oddly, green. Still, it’s too hot to start planting and will be for at least another four to six weeks. Sidelined, I turn to books. Today I finished one by Christopher Lloyd — The Adventurous Gardener. (I’m concurrently working my way […]

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People with dirty hands

I don’t read much fiction; my preference is real life. (Not surprising for a journalist/scholar.) Mostly I read biographies, anything by Hilary Mantel, and garden books, mostly garden essays. I also love the I-ran-away-and-started-a-new-life-and-a-new-garden memoir genre, in any country — France, Italy, Australia . . . For a new volume of garden essays I usually […]

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Edna Walling | DancingRedRanch.com

The perfect potting shed

Back in Sydney for the southern winter (my perfect summer), I return once again to reading Gardens in Australia: Their Design and Care by pioneering landscape designer Edna Walling, to inspire new ideas for the garden that we’re renovating here. Walling’s “Potting Shed” chapter is brief but vivid, providing plenty of fuel¬† for my ongoing […]

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