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corymbia | DancingRedRanch.com

Meanwhile, back in Sydney . . .

We are struggling to find spring here in Austin, but in our Sydney garden, the baby flowering gums (Corymbia ficifolio “Summer Red,” a eucalypt grafted onto a hardy rootstock) are feeling their full glory! Our dear, sweet neighbor Andy sent this photo this morning. Perfect timing. After two days laid low with the stomach flu, […]

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hydrangeas 2 | DancingRedRanch.com

With apologies to John Dromgoole

Sydney, Australia — I confess, I let a pretty one turn my head. Not my usual type, this coquette tarted up to call all attention to herself. Not from around these parts, either. To make matters worse, it was a pity planting. I discovered the barely recognizable hydrangea hidden in the agapanthus thicket I was […]

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jimmy turner | DancingRedRanch.com

Jimmy Turner: a fellow Texan in Sydney

Texans are an exotic species in Sydney, so when I recently read that Jimmy Turner joined the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust as director of horticulture operations, I did an especially happy little chicken dance. Dallas certainly felt the loss — Turner spent ten years as a beloved senior staffer at the Dallas Arboretum […]

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grevillea superb | DancingRedRanch.com

The garden back in Sydney

My dear next-door neighbor in Sydney just emailed me this photo, saying how much she’s enjoying our garden. That makes me happy! We spent most of our few months in Sydney renovating the house interior, so the garden was left until last. Then it rained nearly non-stop, so we scrambled during the remaining few dry […]

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I’ve got a gardening shed!

Our place in Sydney (Ross’s childhood home, built 1966) had an earlier life as the tennis court for the house next door. Ross believes that our shed out back is likely a remnant from that tennis court. I quite love it — its simplicity, and its sense of history. Rather than tear it down and […]

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Edna Walling | DancingRedRanch.com

The perfect potting shed

Back in Sydney for the southern winter (my perfect summer), I return once again to reading Gardens in Australia: Their Design and Care by pioneering landscape designer Edna Walling, to inspire new ideas for the garden that we’re renovating here. Walling’s “Potting Shed” chapter is brief but vivid, providing plenty of fuel¬† for my ongoing […]

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