Potting on the turk’s caps

I’ve been playing with seed propagation since the fall, with mixed results. In February I noticed the seed pods on the turk’s caps in my front yard, consulted Jill Nokes’ How to Grow Native Plants of Texas the Southwest, and gave them a go. They took an extremely long time to germinate. In fact, I was about to turf the seed tray when they began to erupt by the hour. My gardening bestie Melanie tended them while I was away in Europe last month (more on that garden tour later!). She has the touch, and they were ready to be potted on when I picked them up this week.

I had a great time removing each perfect little root ball and nestling it into a larger pot. Now they’re back to foster mamma Melanie’s for the summer. By fall, they’ll be able to move into their permanent homes.


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