grevillea 'superb' |


Andy, my sweet neighbor in Sydney, sent along this photo from our front garden. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a Grevillea “Superb,” a low, spreading evergreen shrub with deeply divided foliage bearing large, salmon-colored flowers all year long. Grevilleas are native to Australia, and this hybrid is a cross between a Queensland native, Grevillea banksii, which […]

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primula |

Sydney: a more congenial garden climate

Even on my best days, patience is not my strong suit. You can imagine how I’m feeling in mid-October with the temperatures still in the mid- to upper-90s. Between the heat and the squirrels, I’m inches from just blowing up the garden to be done with it. To distract myself, I think back to the […]

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magnolia 2 |

In praise of magnolias

Who knew? I always thought of magnolias (if I ever thought of them) as the over-dressed girls of the tree world. But spring has come early to Sydney this year, and we’ve experienced all three magnolia trees in all their glory. I’m in love — truly, madly, deeply. Like the redbud I know well from […]

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french lavender |

Longing for lavender

We received a wonderfully warm welcome here in Sydney. Up to the high 60s and lovely, caressing winter sun. We’ve begun the semi-annual work of weeding and grooming and planting and pruning, and even added an espalier of lemon trees against the now-grandly renovated shed wall. But I’m worried about the lavenders back at Dancing […]

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Mrs. Whaley's Charleston Garden |

On color: wise words from Mrs. Whaley

We spent five (rather wet) days in Charleston recently to attend the Spring Festival of Houses & Gardens. As usual, I picked up a book as my souvenir: Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden (1997). I knew nothing about the late Mrs. Whaley or her garden, and didn’t get to see it during my visit, […]

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