Late Spring at Dancing Red

anacachio orchid tree |

The anacachio orchid tree, potted up on the front porch, is happily smothered in blossoms.

OK, mybad, I’m late posting these images, but here’s how Dancing Red looked a week or two ago. A lifetime in garden time. We spent most of our spring efforts on un-sexy stuff like fixing the fence; chipping the accumulated tree branches and laying the mulch; and completing the upper rock garden structure, which we’ll plant in the fall. As you know, we recycled the agave stalks as a trail head portal, because I did blog about that here.

anacachio orchid tree 1 |

More of the anacachio orchid tree blossoms.

anacachio orchid tree 2 |

And more blossoms! (I was playing with my new macro lens.)

salvia farinacea 'Henry Duelberg' |

I finally found a flowering plant that would survive neglect in the blazing Texas sun. I call them “my Henrys.” I threw in some alliums, inspired by our trip to English gardens last year. We’ll see what happens.

coral honeysuckle 1 |

Last fall I decided I wanted vines. This was the first one, now growing gangbusters.

coral honeysuckle 2 |

The second coral honeysuckle I planted, also happy!

salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue' |

I’m trying to fill some gaps in the well-house garden with mystic spires. They’re doing well. We’ll see what happens when their deer-protective cage is removed.


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