Keeping track of the gardens

DancingRedRanch.comWhen we arrived in Sydney almost a week ago, we were greeted with resplendant cool breezes. Lots of gardening got done. But today we’re experiencing Texas-style heat, so I’m in the house this afternoon. If I can’t be tending the garden, I can at least be updating my garden database.

I started the database around 2012, because it wasn’t true, that “I’ll remember that name.” It especially helps when we’re only in the Sydney garden twice a year and trying out unfamiliar plants.

I chose Bento for my database. It took a bit of effort to get my garden template set up, but since then it’s run a treat. At least once a year I like to update the status on each garden’s plants. Today I went through 100 entries for the Sydney garden, noting how they’re faring this month and adding three more. (Only a few were annotated “rest in peace.”) Alas, I see that Bento has been retired, but here’s a sample page from my still-flowering database:

Tell me, how do you keep track of your garden?

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