Greenhouse envy


Dr. Dixon explained the ingenious relationships (both one-way and synergistic) between plants and insects.

I’m a sucker for any kind of  “backstage” tour, and the glasshouse tour at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney was no disappointment. Led by botanist Dr. Dale Dixon, Curator Manager at the garden, we made our way through the new tropical display house, known as Latitude 23, which is home to an amazing collection of ferns, orchids, aroids, tillandsias, bromeliads, lilies, begonias, palms and cycads. We also nosed around the original greenhouse as well the brand-spanking new ones. Green with envy.


Dr. Dixon holds the fig that he discovered in the Kimberleys — the smallest fig in the world. He named it, of course, ficus lilliputiana.


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